Whisky Guild’s NJ Classic 2018 Pour List

Only a few spots left open for the Whisky Guild’s NJ Classic.  Don’t get shut out miss your chance to taste over 100 whiskies.

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The Balvenie 12 Year Old DoubleWood
The Balvenie 14 Year Old Caribbean Cask
The Balvenie Peat Week 14 Year
The Balvenie Single Barrel 15 Year Old
Bulleit 10yr
Bulleit Barrel Strength
Bulleit Bourbon
Bulleit Rye
Bunnahabhain 12
Bunnahabhain 18
Bunnahabhain Toirech
Cask and Crew Ginger Spice Whiskey
Cask and Crew Rye Whiskey
Cask and Crew Walnut Toffee Whiskey
Catskill Distilling Company Catskill Straight Rye
Catskill Distilling Company Fearless Wheat Whiskey
Catskill Distilling Company The Most Righteous Bourbon
Catskill Distilling Company The One and Only Buckwheat
Cavalry Bourbon
Cedar Ridge American Rye
Cedar Ridge Iowa Bourbon
Cedar Ridge Malted Rye
Cedar Ridge Single Malt Whiskey
Cedar Ridge Wheat Whiskey
Crown Royal Deluxe
Crown Royal Rye
Crown Royal Vanilla
Crown Royal XO
Cutty Sark
Dad’s Hat Pennsylvania Rye
Dad’s Hat Pennsylvania Rye Port Finish
Dad’s Hat Pennsylvania Rye Vermouth Finish
Dad’s Hat Straight Pennsylvania Rye
Deanston 12 year
Deanston 18 year
Deanston Virgin Oak
Egan’s 10 YO Single Malt Irish Whiskey
Egan’s Vintage Grain Irish Whiskey
Famous Grouse
Gaur Spice Whiskey
Glencadam 10 year
Glencadam 13 year
Glencadam 21 year
Glencadam 25 year
Glencadam Origins 1825
Glenfiddich 15 Year Old
Glenfiddich Bourbon Barrel Reserve 14 Year Old
Glenfiddich Project XX
Glenrothes Select Reserve
High West American Prairie Bourbon
High West Barrel-Aged Manhattan
High West Bourye
High West Campfire
High West Double Rye
High West Rendezvous Rye
Highland Park Magnus
Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey
Hudson Manhattan Rye Whiskey
Hudson Maple Cask Rye Whiskey
Jameson Black Barrel
Jameson Blender’s Dog
Jameson Caskmates IPA
Jameson Caskmates Stout
Jameson Cooper’s Croze
Jameson Original Whiskey
Johnnie Walker Black
Johnnie Walker Blenders’ Batch Wine Cask 18 Year
Johnnie Walker Blue
Johnnie Walker Ghost
Johnnie Walker Rare
Kaiyo Japanese Mizunara Oak 43%
Kaiyo Cask Strength Japanese Mizunara Oak
Lagavulin 8
Lagavulin 16
Lambay Irish Whiskey
Lambay Single Malt Irish Whiskey
Laphroaig Select
Ledaig 18
The Macallan 12 year Double Cask
The Macallan 15 year
Makers Mark
Michter’s US*1 American Whiskey
Michter’s US*1 Kentucky Straight Rye
Michter’s US*1 Sour Mash
Michter’s US*1 Kentucky Straight Bourbon
Monkey Shoulder Blended Malt Scotch
Oban 14
Oban Little Bay
Old Hickory Blended Bourbon
Old Hickory Straight Bourbon
Rebellion Bourbon
Rebellion Bourbon 8 year
Rebellion Rye
Redwood Empire American Whiskey
Sagamore Cask Strength Rye
Sagamore Double Oak Rye
Sagamore Rye Moscatel Finish
Sagamore Rye Signature 83
Skunktown Rye
Still The One Bourbon
Still The One Rye
Still The One Single Malt
Still The One Wheat Whiskey
Suntory Whisky Toki
Taconic Dutchess Private Reserve Bourbon
Taconic Founders Rye
Taconic Barrel Strength Bourbon
Taconic Cask Strength Rye
Teeling Irish Whiskey Single Grain
Teeling Irish Whiskey Single Malt
Teeling Irish Whiskey Small Batch
Temple Bar Irish Whiskey
Temple Bar Irish Whiskey 10 year
Temple Bar Irish Whiskey 12 year
Tullamore DEW 14 Year Old
Tullamore DEW 15 Year Old Trilogy
Tullamore DEW Original
Tullamore DEW XO Rum Cask
Tullibardine 225 Sauternes
Tullibardine 228 Burgundy
Tullibardine 500 Sherry
Tullibardine Sovereign

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